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Gigabit Speeds


No Data Caps
No Contracts
No Hidden Fees

Fiber optic connections will consistently deliver gigabit speeds and typically range from 400Mbps - 1000Mbps (upload & download), depending on the specific capabilities of your wireless device. 

Our speed average ranges are based on data from Ookla Speedtest. 

With Fiber to Your Home all of your internet needs are met.

Video Meetings, Online School, Streaming, Gaming, Home Security are all possible when connected with our service.

Premium Fiber to the Home Service for Rural Eugene.

How fast is your internet?

If you need someone to provide you with faster speed, or your internet speed test shows a lower speed than you are subscribing to, contact us 

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We provide easy support.


You speak with the same support team every time.

Text or call us directly.

Our service is now available in select neighborhoods.

View our map to see if you can get connected.


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