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Fiber To Your Home


Lane Fi’s core service is

Fiber To Your Home.

We strive for high speeds exceeding

100Mbps at all times.


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Fiber To Your Home

At Lane Fi, our mission is to deliver high quality, high-value internet services in our local community.


As Fiber optic internet becomes the future of internet, we want to help keep you and your neighbors connected to the world while it grows faster and faster!


Providing internet is our specialty. We are presenting to you a new and practical way to stay connected.


Why Fiber?

Fiber Optic Internet delivers you the ability to have 100-1000Mbps (1G) of speeds. 
Delivering Rural America the Internet for
  • Streaming Movies
  • Video Calls
  • TeleEducation
  • TeleHealth
  • Gaming
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  • No Data Caps
  • No Contracts

Got Q's?

We get many questions about Fiber to the Home so we put together an FAQ page. 

You can find answers here

Don't see your question answered on our list? 

You can ask us a question here

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How fast is your internet?

If you need someone to provide you with faster speed, or your internet speed test shows a lower speed than you are subscribing to, contact us 

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