Fiber to the Home Status

Spencer Creek / Pine Grove Rd

Cost Information 

Monthly Service:  $100/month for 100-1000Mbps (no data caps or contracts)

Distribution Cost: $52/month for 12 months  


The only upfront cost is the Access Cost to install the Fiber to your home. 

How much will your access cost be?  If you have not received a quote for your Access Cost, you can contact Irish or me to make an approximate quote for you. Or, read into the description below to learn more about how to calculate this.


What’s Distribution Cost?

This is the cost to build the entire project area. It includes labor, materials, engineering, permitting, etc. 

A small portion of the Distribution Cost will be added as an additional cost to your monthly service for a 12 month term to make the project feasable to build. 


What’s Access Cost?

This is the cost to get the fiber from the road/main infrastructure to your home. It is essentially the installation cost. 

To get an idea of what your Access Cost will be: The Access Cost will cover all network equipment (approximately $540) and your drop cable run. (priced at approximately $5/ft for underground and $0.53/foot for overhead)Fiber to the Home FAQs This list answers frequently asked questions around Fiber to the Home.

Timeline Information 

Approximate Project Timeline:


Build Begins: 4/1/2021

Build Complete: 5/31/2021

Installs Begin: 5/2021

If we have your contact information we will contact you to schedule an installation! 

Project Area


You can contact us directly by text, phone, or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.