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What does it cost to get connected?

Our installation costs range from neighborhood to neighborhood. We prefer to give you a custom quote to ensure the most cost effective and timely installation. You may view our approximate costs here to get an idea of what your install will cost. If you live inside one of our service areas, please sign up for a Site Survey with our Service Coordinator. Mark will walk you through the plan to get you connected and answer all of your questions abotu the cost.

Why Fiber to the Home?

Fiber Optic Internet delivers you the ability to have 100-1000Mbps (1G) of speeds. (Most Wireless or DSL internet providers only deliver 5 to 10Mbps of speeds - with additional data caps) What Lane Fi Fiber to your Home gives you:

  • No Data caps or contracts
  • Streaming Movies
  • Seamless Video Calls
  • Access to TeleEducation
  • Access to TeleHealth
  • Online Gaming
Additionally, many of our members choose to opt-out of other TV and Landline subscriptions and switch to streaming services such as Hulu, or Sling. Ooma Telo is a popular VoIP service provider that many of our members use as well. Read more about service comparison here.

Site Surveys: Do I need a Site Survey? What does it cost?

Site Surveys are completely free! We will schedule your Site Survey as the first step of getting Fiber to your Home, Our service coordinator will meet with you to discuss the best way for getting you connected and answer your questions regarding our service. Give us a call today to see if you are elligable to schedule a Site Survey or view our service map.

What is the History of Lane Fi?

Lane Fi is a local company that has served the Rural South-West Eugene area for 6+ years. Our core service began with fixed wireless internet solutions. A large part of our member base is made up of business owners and people who work from home. (We are proud to deliver them reliable internet to do so) We have 350+ members now and have never had anyone sign off from our service. We can put you in touch with many of them if you have any questions about our member experience! Our main focus now is switching our network over to Fiber to the Home. This will be the most cost-effective and sustainable solution going forward as we expand our network. Read More About Us Here

Does Lane Fi Provide Landline or TV Service?

We only provide Fiber to your Home (internet connection). We suggest switching to streaming services such as Hulu, or Sling. Ooma Telo is a popular VoIP service provider that many of our members use as well in replacement of their landline.

Company Maintenance: What maintenance is required for this system going forward?

Maintenance for a Fiber Optic system is quite sustainable. Our team of network engineers monitor our core networks to maintain a reliable/healthy network. Physical maintenance to our infrastructure is performed routinely - once a year and when necessary. We are also dedicated to innovating reliable and high-quality hardware on the front end. We are confident in our systems.

Monthly Subscription Cost?

Our service costs range from neighborhood to neighborhood. Please contact us to learn more about the monthly service cost for your area. Or view our approximate costs here.

How do I install my cable underground/in conduit?

See our Underground Install Guide here for further details.

What does a Fiber Install Look Like?

For overhead installs, we will run a 'Drop Cable' overhead from the main electrical poles to your home. For underground installs, we will use an existing trench with conduit that runs from the main electrical poles to your home. The 'Drop Cable' will run through this conduit. If you do not have an existing conduit ready for fiber, contact us for assistance in coordinating this project and view our Underground Installation Guide. Our team/technician will come inside your home to set up the Fiber module inside. Home WiFi/Router Set Up: We bring the internet via fiber optic cable to your home. After this, you may set up your personal router or home wifi system via ethernet. Here are our personal recommendations for Home WiFi Systems.

What is the Refer a Neighbor Program?

How To Refer Your Neighbor to Lane Fi Our Refer a Neighbor Program gives Members the rewards of a credit to their account when their neighbor signs up with our service. It also helps us grow our company through word of mouth. Requirements When you let your neighbor know about our service, they must contact us through our website contact form and mention your name or address for you to be qualified for the credit. For each member you refer you will receive a credit to your account: 1st Referal = $75 2nd Referal = $100 3rd Referal = $100 4+ Referals = $150

Does Lane Fi have Contracts?

No contracts. You can try out our service with peace of mind knowing you aren't tied down to it. However, we have never had anyone cancel their service with us.

Does Lane Fi Apply Data Caps?

No data caps for any of our service plans.

Do I need to dig a trench and put in conduit for my install?

In some neighborhoods, their is no overhead infrastrucutre (a power pole) to string the Fiber Optic cable on. If this is the case with your home, then a trench and conduit will be necessary for your install. The approximate cost is about $12/ft for this to be completed by a contractor. For more information on how to receive a trenching/underground quote, visit our guide.

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