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Please note: ordering does not guarantee service is available to your home at this time. 

If you live in a Lane Fi service area

After you sign up, we will reach out to you to walk you through the next steps of getting connected and setting up your service account. 

If you would like to speak with our Service Coordinator, Mark, about getting connected with our service, you may request to schedule a call.

If you live outside of a Lane Fi service area
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After you complete the sign up form, we will get in touch with you to complete the process and set up your payment information. This is for the deposit.


We will not charge your card until we have reached enough residents signing up for service in your neighborhood.

We will let you know through email that we have reached enough commitment before collecting your deposit. 

Then we will begin building Fiber to the Home in your neighborhood!

Costs Associated 

Installation costs are broken down into three simple line items. Use this to get an idea of how much it will cost to be installed.

  • *Deposit $500

  • *Cable Cost $1/ft

  • **Underground Cost: $12/ft

Monthly Service Cost
  • *$130/month 400-1000Mbps (no data caps, no contracts)

*All Costs are approximate. Final Costs are calculated according to your neighborhood. 

**If necessary. Read more to determine whether underground costs is necessary for your installation.


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