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Fiber to Your Home

Underground Installation Guide

I need and/or want a trench dug for my cable to go in for the install.

Who do I contact to complete this?

Professional Underground Services is a company that we have worked with for many years to complete this type of work. They would come and dig the trench and lay the conduit, and then we would come in and install the Fiber Optic cable through the conduit and then into your home.


Contact Lane Fi for direct contact information for David Backman at Professional Underground.


May I dig the trench myself?

This is also a possibility and also can be more cost-effective in some cases if you are set up to do it with your own equipment or by renting a trencher from a rental company.

Please read through our trenching specs (below) to ensure that the conduit and underground run will meet our standards for the Fiber Cable.  We would also be happy to advise you with the process.


Where do I start?

Start by reading through the Trenching Specs (below) if you are interested in moving forward with digging the trench yourself, then I will schedule a time for Rhodec to come out and do a Site Survey with you. He can mark out the path and help you get started.



Lane Fi Trenching Specifications


Thank you for your interest in bringing Fiber to our home! After a site survey or consultation was conducted for your property it was found that a trench would need to be dug, and conduit placed in order to bring this excellent service to your home from our nearest equipment. Below are Lane Fi’s trenching specifications for you or a contractor to follow while completing the underground work.


Remember: always call 811 for a locate before you dig!


  • The trench must be a minimum of 18 inches deep                                        

  • Conduit must be placed in trench and stubbed at nearest power pole and house (within 6 inches)

  • Conduit diameter must be a minimum of 1 1⁄4 inch

  • Pull string must be run through conduit

  • There cannot be any hard corners (sweeping corners required)

  • For every 350 feet of the conduit, a hand hole must be placed

If you have any additional questions please call our office at 541-833-0545 or email us at​ and we will gladly assist you.



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